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Alliteration Altercations

I like alliterative themes so here it is: your challenge for 2015. Post and hashtag these days of the week, and I promise you, your life will change, my friends.

Mod Mondays
Toothy Tuesdays
Weird Wednesdays
Throw-back Thursdays (cuz it already exists, I guess)
Freaky Fridays
Sadistic (or Salivating, if you’d rather keep the peace) Saturdays
Sullied Sundays

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Check out this amazing Facebook contest! Please participate, and share widely!

Fun referral contest! You already like this Facebook page? That’s awesome. How about your share the love with your friends? If you go to the left side of my page, you’ll see a thing that says “Invite your friends to like this page.” That’s where you can invite your friends.
Here are the contest rules:
1) Invite your friends to like the page.
2) On your wall, tell your friends that if they go ahead and like my page, to post to my author page that you were the one who invited them to like it.
3) I will keep track of the posts and likes. The person who gets the most people to like my page and post their referrals will win an autographed copy of What Doesn’t Kill Us, a beautiful full-sized autographed poster of the book, our awesome bookmark collection, and a poem written especially for you!
4) Contest ends at 11:59PM on December 31, 2014.
Feel free to share this status update too, so that your friends who like my page can participate in the contest!
Good luck!


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Mark your calendars, Vancouverites and visitors to our wonderful city! Thursday, January 15, 2015 will be a night to remember, as I read from What Doesn’t Kill Us, as well as share new work from 17 Days, my work-in-progress that’s the sequel to WDKU. In addition, jazz musician Laurel Murphy will be joining me and performing songs from her just-released and much-anticipated CD, When I Was a Bird. A portion of the sales from the my book and Laurel’s CD will be donated to Callanish Society, a small non-profit organization that serves individuals and families dealing with cancer. Please join us for this special event, bring your family and friends, and spread the word! Happy Holidays!



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Kitteh Endorsement


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One of the critiques that I got about the book–one that I’d been expecting–was how I portray my mother’s voice. Her broken, heavily accented English. Would people think I’m mocking her, making fun of her? Then I thought about how I also portray my father’s voice–his slow, grammatically incorrect yet vernacularly appropriate twang. Let’s make this quite clear: these are the voices I’ve heard growing up and still hear in my head. They ARE my parents’ voices. And they are colourful, wonderful, unique–they are their own. And to portray them otherwise would be to erase those voices and all the quirks and highs and lows that come with them.

Several people suggested that it would be so wonderful and fun to do an audiobook version of What Doesn’t Kill Us. When I thought of the possibility, I became filled with glee.

When my father passed away almost nine months ago, I would call my parents’ house in the hopes of no one being home, so that I could hear my father’s voice on the answering machine. That simple message, “You reached the Worralls at 436-xxxx…,” wrapped around me like a thick blanket, warm and fresh from the dryer. I guess this is what I’m saying: when you’re writing stories about people you love, pay very close attention to the voices in your head, and in your heart.

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#TBT: Glamour Gal

I don’t normally do #TBT, but I figured that since I’ve gotten so much awesome feedback and reviews for my memoir, I’d give the readers a treat…the video that is mentioned in the book. And if you haven’t read the book yet, here is one of the highlights. Enjoy!

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Buy these pieces of my brain.

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