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Almost one year ago my first memoir was released out into the big scary world. It was a pleasant coincidence that the publication date was November 11, 2014–Veteran’s Day in America and Remembrance Day in Canada. Most people think of this as the same holiday. I suppose it is–one holiday with two names. But since publishing What Doesn’t Kill Us and touring North America this year, I’ve come to look at November 11th as two holidays. We recognize our veterans in America–in a country that should recognize them and compensate them more than what is happening. In Canada, we remember the veterans who have served and continue to serve with poppy pins and school assemblies. I can’t remember Veteran’s Day being very ceremonial when I grew up in Pennsylvania. My memory of the day was this day every year when my father was very silent, tense, and angry. That was as ceremonial as we got in our house.

November 11th has always been a odd sort of day for me. Eleven-Eleven. If you’re remotely interested in numerology as I am, you know that the number 11 is a special number: “The 11 symbolizes the potential to push the limitations of the human experience into the stratosphere of the highest spiritual perception; the link between the mortal and the immortal; between man and spirit; between darkness and light; ignorance and enlightenment. This is the ultimate symbolic power of the 11” (from http://www.numerology.com/numerology-numbers/11-master-number). With my book I’ve been shown these connections time and time again as I meet new people and share my stories, and readers feel comfortable enough to share theirs. So maybe I think of it as more than just a funny coincidence that my book was published on 11/11–despite my relationship to the date, I did not publish this book on purpose on that date. What can I say? It’s destiny.

This year, two weeks from 11/11, I turn 40 years old. This year was the 40th year since the end of the Vietnam/American War. Again, things come full circle as they are meant to, and I just stand in awe.

To recognize and celebrate this synchronicity, Rabbit Fool Press is offering a free download of What Doesn’t Kill Us, starting on November 11, for a limited time. This is your opportunity to read it if you haven’t but wanted to, spread the word, see if it resonates with you, see if you’d like to teach this book in your class (I’ve had amazing responses from students who’ve read this book in their classes). Having you read my book is the best gift for my 40th birthday–and if you do read it, you could give me another present in the form of a review on Goodreads or Amazon!

We will announce this once again on November 11th, but check this link on this day for your free download and spread the word: What Doesn’t Kill Us.

In love and light…xo

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I am deeply honoured that Professor Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu of Stanford has published a wonderful review of my book in Amerasia Journal. When I first read it, I was thinking, “Whoa, is he talking about me? About my book?” Yes, he is! You can find the pdf and information on how to order this particular issue of Amerasia Journal here:


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