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Brandy Liên Worrall-Soriano has been a professional writer and editor for 15 years. She has worked at various magazine, book, and journal publishers since 1995. Because of her position as Editor in small publishing houses, including The Writer -- the oldest magazine on the craft of writing, she has learned all the tricks of the publishing trade, from editing to layout to distribution. This well rounded experience has given her all the knowledge needed to produce a book from start to finish, making her a valuable workshop leader who can pass her knowledge onto her students. Brandy's work has been published in journals, newspapers, and anthologies, including The Georgia Straight, The Tyee, Amerasia Journal, and Chick Ink. She is currently completing her Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing at the University of British Columbia. Brandy is working on her first memoir about her battle with breast cancer at a young age, and about how this life-threatening diagnosis made her reflect on her growing up with a Vietnamese mother and American father, both of whom were deeply affected by war and loss. Brandy is a true lover of books and the creation of them. In her (really) spare time, she enjoys making hand-bound journals and limited-edition chapbooks. Most of all, she loves to spin tales with her children, Chloe, Mylo and Moxie, and her Soulmate, Anton.

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